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Handbuilding with Clay
An Intensive

Bonn, 18.11.2023

10:00 - 13.00

Early Bird: 99.- Eur / Regular: 115.- Eur

Join us for an unforgettable 3-hour Handbuilding with Clay workshop. Dive into the world of contemporary ceramics as we explore the versatile technique of slab-building, allowing your creative imagination to take flight. Guided by the expertise of Alba, you'll master the fundamentals of this art form and have the opportunity to craft your own unique pieces alongside fellow ceramics enthusiasts in a warm and welcoming environment.

All essential course materials and firing expenses are included in the event fee. Alba will personally handle the firing and glazing of your creations, ensuring they are ready for pickup just in time for the festive Christmas season.

1:1 Pottery Wheel Classes in Bonn

Discover the art of pottery wheel-throwing with personalized 1:1 classes at Slou Ceramics in Bonn.


Whether you're a curious beginner or looking to refine your skills, our bespoke classes are designed for you.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: 120.- Eur

Includes: All materials (clay, throwing and trimming tools), glazing of finished pieces, and two firings (bisque and glaze firing).

During our session, you'll be guided through the essentials of clay preparation, centering on the wheel, crafting a flawless cylinder, and unleashing your creativity to design anything you desire. In a few days time, your pieces will undergo trimming, bisque firing, glazing in your chosen colors, and a final firing, ensuring they're ready for your enjoyment. Finished pieces can be conveniently picked up locally in Bonn or shipped to your address of preference.


Secure your spot now by reaching out below or sending us a DM on Instagram!

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